Modern Education has grown significantly as the globe has progressed. Home-schooling is one of the most important components of modern education, and it is becoming increasingly popular.

Dar-ul-Madinah Islamic Online Home school believes in democratising education and making learning a pure joy for children as a school.

This is why we recognise academic achievement and equally give a lot of importance to your child’s cognitive development through the extracurricular activities.

Moreover, we ensure a healthy ecosystem through our online school, which is of immense help to the child in the long run as it brings many options available to him to build a career. 

Key Features

Personalised Flexible Learning

Skill Based Learning

Personal and academic counselling,

Special Classes by subject experts.

Conferences and Online Events.

Students' progress can be tracked by parents.

Lots of innovative and interesting activities

Why Home Schooling?

  • Advanced or gifted children who want to excel or learn deeper and wider.
  • Children who do not have access to good schools with good teachers.
  • Children undergoing medical treatment which make them difficult to attend traditional schools.
  • Children of parents in transferable jobs that make them change schools often.
  • Parents who are not satisfied with traditional schools due to high fees, low quality of teachers, or a poor experience of learning.

Fees Structure

GradesAnnual Fee (INR)
Nursery to UKG15000 ₹
1st to 4th17000 ₹

Note: Fees can be paid in 3 Installment.