Dar-ul-Madinah aims at imparting essential Islamic knowledge with quality academic education in conformity with Shari’ah. All Islamic brothers and sisters are requested to support the mission with good intentions. Small donations collectively have a huge impact and regardless of the size of your individual donation, it will make a great difference. Please donate generously and remember this act of benevolence will ultimately benefit you in this life and the Hereafter. Do not miss this opportunity to earn a great amount of divine reward (Sawab).
You can donate through following options:

Bank account for Dar-ul-Madinah Educational Support Fund

Account TitleDawateislami hind Darulmadina
A/C No915020020751550
Bank NameAxis Bank
Branch CodeCrawford market branch -01

Bank account for Zakat & Sadqat-e Wajiba

Account TitleDawateislami hind wajiba
A/C No915020020806179
Bank NameAxis Bank
Branch CodeCrawford market branch-01

Donation at campuses

Principal (Nazim/Nazima) & Administration Incharge (IntezamiUmoorZimmedar) of Campus are authorized to receive donations. Principals have been issued donation receipt books. A donation slip is to be issued to the donor immediately after the collection of amount of donation. Donation boxes are also kept in all campuses of Dar-ul-Madinah.

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