Aims and Objective

Aims and objectives

The key aims and objectives of Dar-ul-Madinah are as follows:
  1. To inculcate the spirit of seeking pleasure of Allah عزوجل, love for the Beloved Prophet صلی الله تعالیٰ علیه وآله وسلم and his Sunnah.
  2. To establish model Islamic education schools where essential Islamic knowledge shall be imparted with the reformed orthodox stream of academics.
  3. To provide Madani students with a meaningful education in a caring, safe and a well-ordered Islamic environment.
  4. To develop the academic skills and Islamic values in Madani children through quality education approved by learned religious scholars, professional experts and educationalists.
  5. To promote creativity, imagination and expression in such a way as to encourage every Madani student explore the personal potential.